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adidas factory outlet area of the town of 600 square meters, designed to use a popular HomeCourt Adidas flagship model city. In addition to store sports performance, sports and classic children's series of all kinds of sports and sports fashion products, but also the occasion to sell a series of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars licensed limited edition products.

Inside the store about 30% of space for children category area. Sales network will expand to Disney town, Adidas was regarded as "a leading Chinese fast-growing children's market and an important step."

By the end of 2015, outlet adidas has about 9,000 stores in China, where 1782 children franchise stores. Although Disney town in the stores is not the children's specialty stores, however, take into account the Disneyland will be a lot of families with young children to play tourist, Adidas apparently hoping to circle a group of children of fans. Skyline High, general manager of Greater China director of Adidas Group (Colin Currie), said Adidas is committed to developing a new generation of Chinese young people love sports, the stores look great.

In the adidas online store "Lixin" (Creating the New) strategic planning, business and children's soccer, running, sports and classic women's movement and other collectively as a major driving force for the development of the Group. For more resources and energy invested in these core business, Adidas recently at streamlining the brand team, we plan to sell some of golf and lifestyle brand.